02 January 2009

Ellen and Lesbian Marriages: Is it just me....?

In recently seeing the marriage photos from Ellen and Portia's "marriage" I was struck by the fact that Ellen was dressed very masculine (pants/suit) in comparison to Portia. If they are attempting to make a case for the legitimacy of two women getting married, wouldn't it make much more sense for both partners to be as feminine, as "girlie" as possible, to make the case for women?

Why do they seek to mimic the roles of a true marriage by portraying both a male and female imagery essentially? Kind of seems like they are defeating the purpose of their cause.

I guess the question can be further examined, asking why in so many lesbian partnerships there seems to be the frequent case that one of the partners take a more masculine role, whether it be in dress/appearance, hair style, mannerism, etc.? True, I am speaking from only the experience I have seen in my lifetime, but it just seems that more times than not, one partner has short, men styled hair, and looks less feminine, while the other appears more glamorous. Case in point, this partnership of Ellen and Portia.