21 June 2010

Oil Spill Solutions?

Last week on the Mike Huckabee show, he had numerous guests on from various companies with numerous ways to safely and quickly clean up the continuing oil spill in the gulf. Most of the solutions were natural, non-toxic, and completely safe for the environment. It really makes you wonder why the government has not tried them, or why the EPA would makes stupid comments about them not being approved. Safe, non-toxic, natural solutions - not approved? Shoot, if I were these companies, I would go get the approval by running out and using the product today on the spill and stop it. Then let the citizens approve it when it works...HA! Maybe it is time for the environmental militia to take action.

In case you missed the show (shame on you), here is the full eleven segments from YouTube.

09 June 2010

Police State and FEMA Camps

OK, so I have been promoting some Alex Jones films recently, and here is another one. I'm not going to add may of my own words to this, it is thorough enough with the evidence it presents. I was greatly saddened at the sections dealing with Glenn Beck and his glossing over some of the issues in FEMA camps. I am hoping maybe he has since then seen better evidence, and just has not had the time to go back and do a show on it.

I was most shocked when it got to the part with the footage of the event in Pittsburgh....about fifty-seven minutes into the film. I was shocked and enraged and felt like fighting back through the video. To think that citizens have been so brain washed that they can be duped into following such unconstitutional and horrible acts against other Americans. Why are the majority of these police forces not raising a voice of opposition against such ridiculous actions against a peaceful demonstration?

08 June 2010

The Obama Deception

It is way beyond time for this generation to wake up and start paying attention to what is going on around them in the realm of politics. For far too long, people have walked around with their head in the sand, relying on government to do what is right, and ignoring what was going on behind the scenes. In doing so, the government has waged a war against the checks and balances that our country's forefather's put in place to protect us from overwhelming political power, and they have trampled on liberty and justice and are converting this nation into something totally foreign to what it was meant to be.

Many things have been radically changed by a progressive, power hungry regime, and the changes have been gradual for many decades. What kind of changes? What can be done to rectify them now? Who is behind all of this?

If Obama Had Told Us Before His Election

If Barack Obama had campaigned on what he has actually done in his first 300 days in office, would he have been elected? That's the question so many are asking today.

If Obama had told us he would appoint 34 czars, reporting only to himself and not vetted or confirmed in the constitutional way, building a powerful unitary executive branch of government, would he have been elected? What if he had told us that his green jobs czar had been a Communist, that the science czar wrote in a college textbook that compulsory "green abortions" are an acceptable way to control population growth and that the diversity czar has spoken publicly of getting white media executives to "step down" in favor of minorities?