30 December 2008

Book Recommendation: The Day and the Hour (Francis X. Gumerlock)

I have had this book on my shelf for some time, but finally pulled it down and have been reading through it. The Day and the Hour (by Francis X. Gumerlock) is a fascination wealth of blurbs about people throughout most all of history who have predicted the "second coming" and/or the "end of the world" and all such similar surrounding theological positions. I am surprised at just how much content there is, and some of the obscure people and teachings. It must have been some feat to gather so much information

The book starts with predictions as early as 41 AD, and goes through predictions set as late as 3836 (yes, even a small blurb about 2012...lol). Most of the comments range from simple one-liners to a small paragraph (except for the more modern times discussions), but the huge amount of reference and footnotes for each chapter is a wealth of resources worth the price of the book itself.

Much of it is quite humorous, but overall, it just shows how quick man has been to jump on the "end of the world" bandwagon over the simplest things in history. Of course, it also shows how they have ALL been so wrong. Of course when it comes to our own generation, and you see the failed predictions over and over again by men who are still being published, preaching and teaching, it makes you wonder what is wrong with people...and what if we brought back the death penalty for false prophets ;-]

Interesting reading for sure.