14 January 2015

Mizpah (Genesis 31:49) - OUT OF CONTEXT SCRIPTURE!

The story contained within the whole of Scripture is just that - a STORY, a single interconnected story. Sadly, way too many church-goers make it a practice to treat God's Holy Scripture as a buffet of quaint sayings from which they can pick, choose and use in any way imaginable, even if the result is in no way related to the original intent of the verse in its context.

The Bible is not made up of thousands of disjointed pieces of "wisdom" and motivational sayings that we can choose and use to make a point or to produce feel good statements as desired. There are many parts of Scripture that when used out of context may still produce a valid point that doesn't stray too far outside the realm of the original intent, but then there are others that cannot, and they end up becoming twisted and distorted so much that they imply almost the opposite of their original meaning.