12 January 2013

Book Review: Scott Stapp - Sinner's Creed

I am not one to listen very much to the media, and when it comes to listening to the rock critics and the stories that go around, I rarely give an ear at all. So, I was unaware of pretty much any of the turmoil or controversy in the Creed camp during the day.

I discovered Creed not too long after the first album, but pretty close to the second, so both are close in proximity to my first discovering them. I was almost an instant fan, and out of all of the 90's grunge and alternative bands, they were almost the only one that resonated with me at all.

I was never one to call them a Christian band, but as a Christian myself, I looked heavily to their spiritual lyrics for the positive message I found. So, that aspect made me like them even more.

This book opened my eyes to the whole behind-the-scenes happenings that at the time I could have cared less about. Also discovering the early life Scott had was quite an eye-opener. I felt so sorry for the way he was treated by his step-father in the name of Christianity, and was quite angered at that. So, I could understand a bit of why he turned and did what he did in his later life.