29 August 2008

Evolution Confusion

More than once I have read in the writings of someone promoting evolution, how this planet was just right to support life. How other planets are too hot or too cold, or do not have the proper air quality to support life. Those type of comments have always confused me. Has anyone stopped to think about what is being said?

The very doctrine of evolution teaches that life has evolved to be what it is based on the climate and survival. So, life is the way life is (according to evolution) because it shaped itself to fit it's surrounding. So, the mentality that this planet is more adequately suited to support life is ridiculous. Life is not life because of the planet, the planet came first, and life "grew up" based on the surrounding it had.

Life could have just as easily "evolved" to support itself on Mars, and it would have evolved to survive in that planet's condition. Likewise the sun, why could it not support life of creature of fire? It all seems so backwards when you think about it. Based on evolution, life evolves changes in order to survive. So why couldn't it evolve to survive on other types of planets?

I was always curious as to how it could evolve in some areas, to survive. If one of these evolving sea creatures flopped up on the shore, and yet had no lungs to breath air, how did it evolve to breath air? Every time one of them plopped up on the shore, it would lay there and die from not being able to breath. Are we to assume that if enough sea animals jump up out of the water and die, that over time, one of the water creature will just develop a breathing apparatus and be able to survive? What happened to the first sea animal that came out of his mother with air breathing lungs? Wouldn't it immediately die in the water? Or did it's mother know what it was, and immediatly after birth the it up on the shore?

Well, enough rambling, the point is, this planet was made in order for it to comfortably support life. Life was in mind when this planet was created. However, life was created by God to be able to comfortably live on THIS planet. God could have just as easily created a life form fully able to conform to life on the Sun, or the Moon, or Jupiter, or Mars. In other words, God was not limited to creating life only on the Earth because it was the only one able to support life. God could have created life on any planet, and created it to live in it's climate perfectly.

So really, there is nothing so special about Earth or Man that makes either one of them have to be where they are. Which is simply to say, we are where we are, and Earth is like it is, being perfect for our living condition, because God perfectly constructed both according to his plan, to work together. God was not limited to only being able to work with Earth due to our and our human makeup, he could have done any number of things in any number of places.

Evolution takes way too much faith to believe all of this is an accident.