25 August 2008

Christians and Voting

As voting seasons is upon us, I wanted to add my words to the always exciting discussion of politics. I will keep it brief, to the point, and hope not to stir up too much trouble (yeah right).

So, when it comes to politics, which of the two parties should a Christian support? Well, that is sort of a trick questions, as we should not be thinking about voting and politics with this mindset at all.

There are more than two parties than run during each election. Yet most people are inclined to only think and consider the main two parties. I am so tired of hearing things like "voting third party is to throw away a vote or voting for the other guy," "I have to vote for the lesser of two evils," etc.

Christian's should know that God is in charge of everything, including who gets into office. We should be voting for the person who has the right system of belief that we as Christians can support. It is not our duty to vote for the one we think is most conservative and has the best chance of winning; we should think of who would God want us to vote for...and put the results in his hands.

If Christians as a whole considered this mentality, then it may take an election or two or three, but you would all of a sudden see some third party candidates in the spotlight because of the increased votes they keep getting. We would no longer have simply two parties getting the press. People approach an election like it is the last one we'll ever have, so we'd better make it good. We need to have a multi-generational, and long term mind-set when it comes to change. We need to stop thinking only about what might effect this next election, and think of what might turn the tides...down the road if need be.

If every profession Christian out there just first registered to vote, but then actually went and voted for a candidate that they could in good conscience support as God's candidate, we would see a major change overnight I am sure. All of a sudden a Christian or super-conservative party would light up on the radar with huge numbers. But we will never see that as long as people keep relying on the same excuses they give for not wanting to vote for a smaller party outside of the main two.

We have more than two lousy choices. We have God on our side when we vote...are we on His side when we case our vote?

As Christians, we have a duty, a command, to vote and support the most godly candidate running, regardless of their party and chances of winning, and not just the lesser of the two evils. When you stand before God, will you be able to say "I voted for the candidate that most conformed to your ways, Lord" or will you be embarrassed by your lesser evil choice?