01 July 2013

Review: Giants: Sons of the God - Douglas Van Dorn

Giants: Sons of the God
Giants: Sons of the God by Douglas Van Dorn

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Years ago I had done some study in the Gen. 6 issue about the "sons of god" and have thought to writing a book of my findings. Well, I am glad to say I can remove that idea from my to-do list, because this book far exceeds a anything I could imagine writing. This is my first Kindle book ever read, so I was not able to feel the end of the book coming, and when I thought there was nothing else he could possibly say, I would look to see I wasn't even halfway done.

When the main section did finally come to an end, I still found I was only half done. The amount of extra appendices as well as the endnotes added even more information of great importance to the study.

If you're looking for a book that pretty much seals the deal of proving the angels angle, and one that deals with every contrary argument, then this is for you. On top of that there is just so much more, making this a major tool in the discussion.

A great amount of information is provided about everything from giants in mythology and folklore, to stories passed down from all over the globe of historic dealings with giants. A wealth of information on the topic all in one place. Excellent.

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