12 October 2008

Why the Constitution Party?

I thought I would share a writing I recently received from an associate regarding the Constitution Party:

by Paul Richard Strange, Sr. - My decision to join the Constitution Party was not an easy decision. The American political reality is that no alternative political movement has actually succeeded since the Republican Party first arose in the mid-1800’s. From that time to this, most citizens have preferred the stability of supporting one of the two major political parties over the major obstacles that the “new kid on the block” is bound to face.

What compelled me to actually become a Constitution Party member was whenever I asked myself the questions in my heart and mind about what the country we all love will look like if nobody is willing to help form a Constitution Party.

What kind of America will exist for the little people who deserve the constitutional liberties and economic opportunities that require that we overcome our national addiction to socialism? Can the nation continue this way? Is the current price of gasoline an omen of the reduction of the standard of living for middle America?

What kind of America will our grandchildren inherit if we never have a time when a single Congress controlled by either of the two major parties ever will justify the federal budget by any part of the Constitution in specific terms. In my entire lifetime, I have NEVER ONCE heard a journalist ask the presidential candidate of the two major parties in a national debate to explain where they find a right to abort babies in the Constitution, nor the right to give taxpayer money to Planned Parenthood in the Constitution, nor the unrelenting appetite of the obese federal government to usurp absolutely every privilege provided by our Founders for we, the people, and our state governments.

The question I’ve had to ask, “Can we really change anything as ordinary human beings who want the best of America to endure to the ages, and the worst things about America to be honestly exposed and corrected?” I believe that we can, but it takes the guts to think outside the box. Two parties that have no real competition, nor any accountability to the Constitution, cannot help themselves from always taking the paths of least political resistance.

My social critique is not simply to ignore our own tendencies as citizens. We have a First Amendment, email, and tools that previous generations of our people could never dream of. If we do nothing about socialism, nor to raise the standard of the Constitution in the public marketplace of ideas, we are many times more accountable than our parents and grandparents, who had no direct means to challenge the smoke-filled rooms, and force a constitutional renewal upon the nation!

Three things all of us can do, in my opinion:
(1) Purpose to read the Declaration of Independence, the Constitution, and the Bill of Rights at least once or twice before we vote. (Even fairly slow readers like me can read these wonderful documents in less than an hour!); and

(2) Consider getting with a few friends who don’t normally care that much about politics, order a pizza, and read these documents, and discuss what it means. (It doesn’t have to be a boring night!); and, finally,

(3) Ask each other, “What would a constitutionally reformed federal government look like?”
All of these actions are in our best interests, whether or not you ever join a new party. They will help us renew the strong sense that this truly is our country, in a way that cannot happen by simply supporting the status quo!