09 September 2008

Why the End is Not Near

The view of the "any-minute-now" rapture of the saint together with the belief that some time after that event Christ will return again to usher in a thousand-year political kingdom, thereby fulfilling his promises to David, is the product of a method of interpretation known as dispensationalism. This construction is entirely unique to dispensationalism. No other system teaches this view.

Dispensationalism is fewer that two hundred years old. It was fabricated by Darby and further formulated by Scofield. Dispensationalism is not a development of orthodox, historical Christian theology, but is the product of over-stimulated imaginations together with lack of honest Biblical scholarship.
So are the words of author Duane Garner is his new book Why the End is Not Near.

Garner will be on Covenant Radio soon for a discussion of this new book (watch www.covenantradio.com for show details), which seeks to give a brief, yet powerful, refutation to the dispensational theological system that currently plagues and cripples the life and power of the modern church. Some of the sub-sections discussing dispensationalism include:
  • Dispensationalism's Source is Not the Scriptures
  • Dispensationalism Mishandles the Scripture
  • Dispensationalism Works Against the Unity of the Church
  • Dispensationalism Leads to Retreatism

Followed by a discussion of what Christ and the Bible say about the Kingdom, and how it differs from dispensationalism.

This book is the second in the new series "Answers in a Hour," a series of small writings that are written with the attempt to be read through within a hour and give a good foundation introduction to the topic at hand. The first book in the series was of course Why Baptize Babies? by Mark Horne who appears on Covenant Radio shortly after it's release.

If you think about it, Covenant Radio is sort of like this book series, as we shoot to discuss topics for about an hour.