07 January 2016

Review: Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael Hoffman

Judaism's Strange Gods Judaism's Strange Gods by Michael A. Hoffman II
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OK, I will admit up front, I did not thoroughly finish this entire book. The first portion of the book lays the foundation for the thrust of the book, and the rest becomes page after page of quotes, proofs and other evidence of the strange beliefs of Judaism.

Prior to this, I had read a handful of books and resources showing how those who are Jews today are of no relation to the bloodline of Abraham and the OT Israelite Hebrews, but are in fact simply converts to the religion over the years. So I was already familiar and pretty convinced of the lack of a Jewish "race" today.

Just prior to reading this book, I had read Judaism and Christianity unMasked - Vol 3: The Semite or Rabbi After 70 AD by Jerry Wayne Bernard, where he spoke of the difference in biblical Israelites and Jews, and the origination of the Jew being post Babylonian captivity. Well, this book by Hoffman falls along the same lines and goes further to show how different and diametrically opposed Judaism is from OT biblical Israelite beliefs.

He explores their own written teachings to show how deceptive Judaism is in an effort to protect their real beliefs from the Gentiles world. How those beliefs come not from the Bible, but from the Talmud, and the writings over the centuries of the odd beliefs/commentaries produced from the Rabbis.

I am surprised how little of this I knew. I knew little about modern day Judaism, and only kind of knew terms like Talmud, Mishnah, etc. without fully grasping their role in it all. I mainly believed, like I think most Christians today believe that Judaism is just a continuation of that biblical Old Testament belief system by a people claiming to be descendants of Abraham that just reject the New Testament. However, that is not the case at all.

Judaism is an almost full departure from biblical Israelite/Hebrew beliefs, and a new religion based very, very loosely on the OT, and more solidly on a series of new beliefs claiming to be the secret "Torah" given to Moses and passed down orally for centuries until it was finally written down in the early centuries, after the destruction and annihilation of the Jewish system and temple in AD 70. They wrote them down in the Talmud to preserve their religion, but it stems from a post-Babylonian belief system, and not the Old Covenant scriptures.

Now it makes more sense to read Jesus continually countering the people with "you have heard it said....but I say" comments. It is because at the time, Judaism of his day was basing its system on this secret oral Torah they claimed to possess. Well, fast forward 40 years after Christ's death, and their entire temple and system was destroyed in AD 70 (per Matthew 24/Luke 21, etc.) and what once was oral became written and future generations picked up on it, continued it in, expanded upon it, and pushed things further and further from the faith of Abraham and the OT saints.

After the first half or so of this book, the rest is a great reference resource, as he has sections divided by topic, showing what Judaism teaches on various subject, like:

Rabbinic interpretation of Scripture
The inferiority of Gentiles
Gentiles not a brother or a neighbor
Warrant for the murder of gentiles
New World Order - Talmudic courts

And the list goes on and on, with section after section, hundreds of pages showing what they believe and teach on things - most of which is covered up by Jews and the press and made to look pretty to the public (because deception is approved and promoted when it comes to protecting the public face of Judaism from gentiles).

This book is not just this man's belief, and he is not out with a vendetta against Jews, nor is he in anyway being anti-Semitic or racist (he covers this thoroughly in the opening chapters). He has gleaned the bulk of this material from other authors over the centuries who revealed these things, as well as so many Jewish source documents.

So what he is presenting here is a journey through their own beliefs, to reveal what is hidden from the public eye, and what he reveals is that the God of Judaism is not the OT God - Yahweh - but is a self-centered man-made religion of laws and practices stemming from many sources, but rarely from the Hebrew Scriptures.

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