30 September 2015

Review: Vision of New Jerusalem: Now! - Marty Angelo

Vision of New Jerusalem: Now! Vision of New Jerusalem: Now! by Marty Angelo
My rating: 4 of 5 stars

A nice easy read that is like a three-fold read, at least in the way I have divided it in my reading mind. Section one is a personal testimony of the author and how he went from prison inmate to Christian, and all of the hurdles and studying along the way.

Part two, which is the majority of the book, he discusses his coming to and understanding of the AD 70 Preterist doctrine and how it differs from the modern futurist rapture centered type views.

Part three is the last couple of sections in the appendix. He has written some modern applicational type articles on how this eschatological view can and should be applied to everyday living. Originally I thought that this was actually going to be the majority of the book's topic, but it was just a couple articles at the end after he discussed his coming to his present view.

An interesting read of an interesting journey and how to live in the kingdom age NOW.

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