14 August 2013

Review: Evangellyfish - Douglas Wilson

Evangellyfish by Douglas Wilson

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I am not a fan of fiction. I rarely read it, and in general rarely read for just the entertainment factor. But having been a big fan of Wilson's for nearly two decades now, and having read so much of his non-fiction theological work, and hearing so many great things about this book, I dove in - and LOVED it.

In some ways I did not know Wilson could write like this. It was so captivating, and he does a great job of establishing the characters and their internal "evils" that they truly come to life in the story. The story is kind of creepy in places, yet realistic sounding at the same time. I loved the ending and did not see it coming, so that was great.

The story is about a scandal with the pastor in a mega-church, and contains all kinds of mini-plots with characters and their scandalous lifestyles too. While it is fiction, nothing found here is too far fetched to not be believable and possibly a reality in churches of this nature. All in all, it is quite a wild and crazy ride that was quite enjoyable when it was over. I will definitely look out for more of Doug's fiction type stuff from now on.

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