04 August 2011

Review: Hudson Taylor

Hudson Taylor
Hudson Taylor by J. Hudson Taylor

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The power of prayer cannot be diminished by distance; it is not limited by age, infirmity, or daily duty; political changes and restrictions cannot alter its effectiveness; for the word still stands, "If ye shall ask anything in my name I will do it." The power of prayer in the life of an obedient Christian can only be undermined by neglect."

Thus is the ending of an amazing little autobiography of Hudson Taylor. So many times while reading this book, I could only sit and shake my head, wondering why I do not have the faith that this man had. I have seen other reviewers states that this is a must read book for any Christian, and I agree. This is one of those book that all new converts should be handed as part of their conversion material.

A strong and healthy prayer life - one based on strong faith in a powerful God - is severely lacking in the Church today, and it is truly sad. This book has so many stories of situations that Taylor was in that were amazingly answered with prayer. So many little things that he prayed for that were accomplished right on time of need - way too many things for someone to chalk up to coincidence.

To me it seemed that the teaching of God's Word was unmistakably clear: "Own no man anything." To borrow money implied, to my mind, a contradiction of Scripture - a confession that God had withheld some good thing, and a determination to get for ourselves what He had not given.... If the Word taught me anything, it taught me to have no connection with debt. I could not think that God was poor, that He was short on resources, or unwilling to supply any want whatever work was really His. It seemed to me that if there were any lack of funds to carry on work, then to that degree, in that special development, or at that time, it could not be the work of God." (Pg. 121-122)

This one section struck me very hard, and made me really begin to look at my life, to differentiate between wants and needs, and to see what I had that I did not need and could do without.

Overall a life changing, attitude altering book.

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