10 July 2011

Review: Who Is This Babylon? (Don K. Preston)

Who Is This Babylon?Who Is This Babylon? by Don K. Preston

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I have read quite a few of Preston's books and this one ranks up there as one of his best. Focused mainly on the topic of identifying who is being spoken of in the book of Revelation when it speaks of the judgment on Babylon, this book is pretty exhaustive in looking at all of the angles. People along the way have said it is Rome, or the Roman Catholic church, or any number of other agencies through history, but Preston's tear down each of these examples and shows how the Scripture from start to finish leaves us with only one possible answer to the question. Who is this Babylon? None other than Jerusalem herself.

Preston does not directly present the other views in order to disassemble them, he strictly shows how only Jerusalem can properly qualify as the identity of Babylon, and how others do not therefore qualify based on biblical and historical texts.

Along the way, so many other pieces of biblical eschatology get put into place, connecting so many dots between first testament promises and second testament fulfillment that it shows how the Scripture is one continual story dealing with one continual plot involving covenant promises, a people and a fulfillment of all promises along the way. Preston states and proves that properly identifying Babylon of Revelation is pivotal to properly understanding so much of the book of Revelation, including the promise of resurrection, the millennium, the end of the age, the marriage, the judgment, and much more related to eschatology. One of his best works I have read so far.

This new 2011 edition has been expanded, and includes up to date issues raised in recent times, and the new special study section on the millennium is a great addition to what was already a great work.

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