08 June 2010

The Obama Deception

It is way beyond time for this generation to wake up and start paying attention to what is going on around them in the realm of politics. For far too long, people have walked around with their head in the sand, relying on government to do what is right, and ignoring what was going on behind the scenes. In doing so, the government has waged a war against the checks and balances that our country's forefather's put in place to protect us from overwhelming political power, and they have trampled on liberty and justice and are converting this nation into something totally foreign to what it was meant to be.

Many things have been radically changed by a progressive, power hungry regime, and the changes have been gradual for many decades. What kind of changes? What can be done to rectify them now? Who is behind all of this?

There are a handful of "crazy conservatives" and "loose canon" "loud mouths" out there, that many consider to be nothing more than wackos and conspiracy nuts. Men such as Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, etc. One of the more mainstream "right wing extremists" is Glen Beck, who especially recently has been hitting it hard with great coverage of the origins of our country, the intent of the founding fathers, and the origins of our nations political system. I personally believe he has been hitting the nail on the head in exposing the actions of those in leadership positions that are shaping this country. However, Alex Jones of Inforwars.com is another similar radio personality like Beck, who seems to be going even further and digging even deeper in what is going on.

In recent years he has produced many in-depth full length movies filled to the brim with more information than most want to digest. Most of these documentary-style releases are available on high-quality DVD, but he has also put them all online in full to be watched free of charge. The wealth of information needs to be spread out as much as possible, so this is a great service he has provided.

I recently sat through the more than two-hours of information in his "The Obama Deception: The Mask Comes off" - much of which is stunning and stomach turning. Don't be confused by the title, this is not an anti-Obama movie as many would assume, nor is it entirely centered on Obama. It looks at the power behind the presidents, their control, their abilities and many of their behind-the-scenes antics in the last century. It is an in-depth look at the manipulation of power going on behind the scenes, and how they are radically changing our nation, turning it into a monstrosity and totally unrecognizable of it's founding design.

Ignorance may appear to be "bliss" but in the big picture, it is destructive. WAKE UP AMERICA - BE INFORMED! The main way we can battle against this progressive socialistic push is by re-learning what they have worked so hard to strip from our memory through re-writing the history books, propagating lies in the media, twisting the truth constantly, and shoving their agenda down our throats in the public school systems.

Education is the key for much of this. LEARN AND TEACH OTHERS!

If the embedded video above doesn't work properly, the full length movie in HD is here on YouTube or you can purchase it here at Amazon.