25 July 2008

Race Over Grace

Last night I had the privilege of interviewing Dr. Charles Roberts, author of the book Race Over Grace: The Racialist Religion of the Christian Identity Movement on the radio podcast I co-host, Covenant Radio. The book discussed the foundation and some history of the modern day Christian Identity theology, which, as the title of the book suggests, is a theology based on racialist distinctions.

Because of my long history supporting and being around various branches of the Southern Heritage movement, I had occasionally heard the term mentioned, but never full understood much about who they were, or what they exactly taught; I just knew it had something to do with a racial aspect of things.

I found the book very informative, and enjoyed the overall conversation with Dr. Roberts on the subject last night. The interview is archived on our site, dated last night 7/24/08, and being show #53 in the archive.

I encourage you, if you know little to nothing about this theology, to give it a listen, or grab the book for a foundational understanding of some of the key issues involved.